Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Family of Robert Tinker (1223) & Mary Merwin
2912. Helen Tinker. Born ca 1604.119
On 13 Aug 1628 Helen married William Hubbard in New Windsor, Berkshire.119
2913. Mary Tinker. Born ca 1606 in New Windsor, Berkshire. Mary was baptized in New Windsor, Berkshire, on 6 Aug 1606.119
On 1 Nov 1627 Mary married Matthias St. John in New Windsor, Berkshire.119 Born ca 1604. Matthias died ca Jan 1669/70 in Norwalk, CT.119

Matthias St. John, also spelled Sension.
Their children include:
Matthias St. John (ca 1628-Dec 1728)
William St. John (23 Aug 1629-)
Thomas St. John (Died young) (ca 1631-)
Elizabeth St. John (6 Nov 1631-)
Mark St. John (ca 1633-12 Aug 1693)
Sarah St. John (1 Sep 1633-)
Samuel St. John (ca 1640-14 Jan 1684/5)
Mercy St. John (ca 1645-1 Feb 1684/5)
James St. John (ca 1649-9 May 1684)
2914. John Tinker. Born ca 1613 in New Windsor, Berkshire. John was baptized in New Windsor, Berkshire, on 18 Jul 1613.119 John died in Oct 1662 in Hartford, CT.119
Jun/jul 1648 John first married Sarah Wilshire, daughter of Gregory Wilshire & Joan Worrall, in Boston, MA.119 Sarah died in summer 1648.119 Sarah was baptized in St. Stephen, London, on 17 Aug 1620.119

Sarah, the divorced wife of William Barnes.119
Bef 9 Dec 1649 John second married Alice Smith, daughter of John Smith (-ca 1669) & Mary [Smith].119 Born on 29 Dec 1629 in England.119 Alice died in Lyme, CT, on 20 Nov 1714; she was 84.
Their children include:
Alice Tinker (Died soon) (2 Jan 1651/2-28 Aug 1652)
Mary Tinker (2 Jul 1653-)
John Tinker (14 Aug 1655-bef 18 Jun 1688)
Amos Tinker (28 Oct 1657-1729/30)
Samuel Tinker (1 Apr 1660-28 Apr 1733)
Rhoda Tinker (23 Feb 1661/2-)
2915. Anne Tinker. Born ca 1616 in New Windsor, Berkshire. Anne was baptized in New Windsor, Berkshire, on 21 Jul 1616.119

Anne was of Horton, Buckinghamshire, when she married Thomas.
On 23 Apr 1633 Anne married Rev. Thomas Thornton in St. Margaret Moses, London.119 Born ca 1607.119 Thomas died on 15 Feb 1700 in Boston, MA.119 Buried in Copp’s Hill Burial Ground, Boston.119 Religion: Tanner, minister.

There’s an article on Thomas Thornton in The Great Migration Begins.16

Thomas, of Staines, Middlesex
Their children include:
Thomas Thornton (Died young) (say 1634-1647)
Priscilla Thornton (Died young) (ca 1636-1647)
Ann Thornton (Died young) (say 1638-1647)
Mary Thornton (say 1641-1708)
Samuel Thornton (13 Jul 1645-)
Timothy Thornton (ca 1647-19 Sep 1726)
Thomas Thornton (-22 Sep 1703)
Theophilus Thornton (10 Jun 1651-)
Anne Thornton (say 1653-)
2916. Sarah Tinker. Born ca 1619 in New Windsor, Berkshire. Sarah was baptized in New Windsor, Berkshire, on 26 Jul 1619.119 Sarah died on 6 Jun 1652 in Scituate, MA.48,58 Religion: Joined the Scituate church 14 May 1737.
Ca 1638 Sarah married Eld. Thomas King (2404) in Scituate.119 Born ca 1613 in Cold Norton, Essex. Thomas was baptized in Cold Norton, Essex, on 24 Feb 1613.14 Thomas died on 24 Sep 1691 in Scituate, MA.48 Buried in Quaker Cemetery, Norwell. Religion: Joined the Scituate church 25 Feb 1737/8.

Thomas first married Sarah Tinker; second Jane (Younge) Hatch, widow of William Hatch; and third Anne.

Thomas King sailed from London 17 Jun 1635 in the ship Blessing at the age of 21 in the company of Mr. William Vassall and family, whose wife was Anna, Thomas’s sister. He built his house on the top of the hill at Bell house neck, a few rods south of Mr. Vassall’s He was admitted to the church 25 Feb 1638. He succeeded Elder William Hatch as elder in the Second Church. Thomas’s second wife was the widow of Elder Hatch. Thomas also had lands on the north side of Rotten marsh. After the death of Elder Thomas King, the office of Ruling Elder was allowed to lapse, and the duties of that office were merged with those of deacon.44 49 39

"Elder King's will, dated 1691 [30 Jun and proved 16 Mar 1692], gives 'to wife Anne—to daughter Sarah Besby land at Gravelly beach—To grandsons John and Thomas Rogers 10 £ each. Item: it is my will that Robin, my negro, be set free, and receive of my estate a bed and 5 £ in money—Item: to son Thomas all my property not otherwise disposed of in New and Old England.'"49

There’s an article on Thomas King in The Great Migration.14 It it is mentioned that Thomas is very likely related to Anne King of Cold Norton, William Vassal’s wife, and Thomas did sail to New England on the Elizabeth along with William Vassal, but Thomas was probably not Anne’s brother since her father, George King, named a son Thomas in his will who “would appear to be too old to be” this Thomas King. Apparently, then, he is less closely realated to George King and his daughter Anne (King) Vassal. His baptism record, then, did not name Thomas’s father.
Their children include:
Rhoda King (11 Oct 1639-ca 1662)
George King (Died young) (24 Dec 1642-)
Dea. Thomas King (21 Jun 1645-1 Dec 1711)
Daniel King (Died unmarried) (4 Feb 1647/8-bef Jun 1691)
Sarah King (24 May 1650-20 Oct 1716)
John King (Died soon) (30 May 1652-26 Jul 1652)
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